09 February 2016

Amazing UFO Capture In Ontario Canada February 2016

A look at a UFO sighting that happened on February 2016 in Ontario Canada.
What is it that could do this turn in high altitude? I'm guessing its a UFO.

03 November 2015

UFODI: UFO chased By Helicopter To Within Feet Before It Materializes

A military pursuit involving a hellicopter and a UFO was recorded over Anaheim Hills in California, This bright foo fighter shaped orb came over the hill pursued by this military helicopter and its was catching up with the UFO before it just disappeared only to reappear in a different part of the city.

VIDEO NASA Thought Live ISS Feed Was Off During UFO Survielance Oct 29, 2015

UFO investigator Scott Waring was recording a live NASA feed on October 29th from the international space station when he noticed a remarkably bright beaming light appear between earth and the space station. How do I know hes telling the truth when stating in between? its that if this was a fishing ship lighting up the sea around it or a city lighted up which is something NASA have worked hard for us not to see anyway, it would move with the turn of the earth as the ISS wises by at 7.66km a second, but this object is travelling with the ISS at 7.66km a second, yes! strange.

Official Alien Base On NASA Mars Picture Hits The Web! VIDEO

A new NASA picture has appeared on the space website and it has a very unusual structure in a cracked surface, it appears to be a flying saucer connected to a wall or square base.

31 October 2015

3rdphaseofmoon Entire UFO Saucer Videos Created By Ed - You Were Fooled

Every wondered why thirdphaseofmoon has all this saucer footage? heres the answer.

UFO on the shores of Manzanillo before Hurricane Patricia | UFO 2015

During the early hours of October 21, in the bay of Tenacatita and the Pacific Ocean, these strange lights were seen at the seashore, just a day after the hurricane approaches patricia with tremendous destructive energy of grade 5, for impact on the coast of Manzanillo, Colima.

28 October 2015

UFO followed by helicopter over anaheim hills California 27th Feb 2014

In clear sight a military helicoper gives chase to an unidentified flying object, the object seems to be slower but on approach it materializes and appears hundreds of feet to the right.

27 October 2015

A triangular UFO crosses the sky over Atizapán of Zaragoza, Edo. of Mexico.

A triangular UFO crosses the sky quickly the February 10, 2014 at 20:26 hrs. This video is filmed with Yukon Ranger night vision system, and doing surveillance is when the passage of this object is captured with a triangle on the town Atizap├ín of Zaragoza, Edo. of Mexico. This recording is excellent, because we had not seen a single object of these conditions so far. It is a clearly TRIANGULAR UFO.

19 October 2015

UFO flurry over Michigan Wednesday, Oct 14th 2015

Night vision footage all recorded inside one night on the 14th October 2015, not all object would be UFOs but its good to keep an open mind.

Three Spacemen Dropped Off By Huge Spacecraft At Neunmayer Station

Dont let the poster of this video get you thinking a planet was seen by three men! I'm here to be more realistic in saying that that planet was a starship and them three men were travelling space in this object and dropped off at the most unseen and rural place on earth outside the famous Neunmayer station.