16 May 2014

Flying Saucer (UFO) Disappearing And Reappearing Over Athens - 15th May 2014

A flying saucer has been recorded doing remarkable things like disappearing and reappearing in different places.
The disc shaped object was near a mountain side and started warping in and out of dimensions appearing in different places. Saucers have plagued earth all week and this might be the start of disclosure! Has ET had enough and now want to show themselves? Everything that has folded out so far relates to disclosure of the UFOs and alien presence, recently in Russia there was a photon rocket launch and the rocket came under attack by a mysterious white object like that reported through the week all over Spain and Mexico.
Are these aliens here for good? They will want part of this planet and who are we to say no! the world could end up like something out of The Fifth Eliment and that works out better apart from the New World Order bit in the film. Do you believe this to be the year most officials have talked about?

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