18 September 2014

5 Mile Wide UFO Captured In NASA Photo Is Hard To Explain

A strange photo is online in the NASA archives showing earth orbit and a mysterious dark circular object clearly visible and it could be up to 5 miles wide some experts assume. NASA love to stick footage and photo's in their archives with strange objects but they don't let it be known publicly, its only when you search yourself do you find these images and videos, could they be publishing UFOs so in the future when disclosure happens if it does they can say we did not hid any UFO images or videos as you can see in our archives we placed the photos for public viewing on our sites. There das been other images of strange objects photographed by NASA that are public so why not take a peek yourself and see what else NASA did not let media get their hands on. Click the link below to see the original picture from NASA. What do you make of this UFO? It does not resemble a satellite! So what is it?

Link To Picture

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