28 September 2014

New UFO Rendlesham Forest Incident 2014

Look at the ground to air flashing of bright IR colors up to the bright UFO, and other cameras i had were amazing on film i had 24 hour cctv thermal and other wave lengths camera going all night in 4 locations plus hand held gen night vision and full spectrum and telescope deep in the forest with gen night vision i still have not got to the end of the data yet it was amazing and the people were so kind and helpful thank you all for a great time, Rendlesham Forest Incident 2014 ,could not sleep the sounds of the Forest was so ALIVE i do have more footage and witnesses something is in this area (more to be shown soon ) i stayed all night in the forest put up a 24 video watch with thermal and gen night vision and full spectrum cameras and captured the most indescribable footage and sequence of events wish you could of been there i kept recording even when things got very concerning the sounds were very strange me and my witnesses had incredible experience

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