05 September 2014

TR3B Witnessed And Photographed Over New York City

New photo's of a TR3B triangular craft caught on the U.S.

Witness States: Here are some pictures of the TR3B flying over NYC. I did not catch it right over head as I was trying to get the camera set right. The thing flew 2000 FT over my head and I could see all the light config just like the pictures I seen online. Three sets of lights were on the back, lights on the corners, and a red light in the middle for the magnetic powered engine anti grav. it seemed to float northward over the central part of Manhattan, nearly hovering. I also seen it over Capital City Airport over New Cumberland, PA over here in the USA a while back after a family wedding a few years back.

I have a feeling that it is based in Fort McGuire in Lakehurst, NJ not far from NYC. They use that in conjunction with Navy Lakehurst Base currently. It was not a LEMV because it was moving too fast and not slow enough. The engines sounded very different than normal jet engines, very low rumble, like rocket engines. The TR3B is said to use rocket propulsion in addition to the antigrav magnetic engine. Pilots are to said to experience zero G forces from flying even at very high speeds. Ferrofluid is said to be used in the centrifuge to power the main engine. Same stuff as used in moving coil loudspeakers to help keep the heat down on the cones. Just like the Germans used back in WWII during experiments of a similar kind. I have a feeling that we captured this tech and used it to make the TR3B, just like the High altitude bomber project they worked on very similar to the B2 of today. It took computers to put it all together, back then, they did not quite have a way to make it a reality, but with today's modern tech, it is possible. That is why the Germans used zeiss lenses in their bomb sites, tech way ahead of its time. And way clear, just like the one I used.

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