20 September 2014

Triange UFO Sculpture To Be Erected In Randlesham Forrest UK

A UFO has been built to to mark the spot of where a UFO landed in the Randlesham forrest area of Suffolk in the UK.

In December 1980 near a U.S military sight based in England a convoy of top ranked military and nuclear security guards went to inspect a bright light that was in the Randlesham forrest not far from the Nuclear base, when the military personnel confronted the object they were in total shock as they believe they were in the company of a craft from a different world, This sighting is as famous as the Roswell UFO incident and it is the UK's most credible sighting as there was two convoys that observed and "Touched" the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) which has a black skin that seemed to create light and paterns along its skin surface that changed from colors to hyroglific patterns.
A glimpse at the unusual shaped craft sculpture 

This sighting was well documented and investigated with results like vegitation disorder of which grass cannot grow in the landing spot due to radiation which came from the craft, the grass to this day 34 years later still cannot grow, also the craft was witnessed lifting up and shooting of in a flight pattern that cannot be replicated today.

The sculpture is impartial and and did not seek to answer the sighted mystery!
To this day the military personnel swear under oath that what happened on that day did happen and they have audio recordings and detailed handbook details of the crafts size and the odd patterns and numbers that appeared on the UFOs smooth dark surface, like a paint that can produce an image or images like that from a TV screen.
An artistic sculptured description of the patterns  along the side of the created UFO.

Below is a full documentary to do with the UK's most famous UFO sighting.

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