08 September 2014

UFO Sighting In Belfast By - ME - UFODI

I cannot believe I'm typing a sighting that happened last night, I was sitting in my room at 8.50 and noticed an orb moving all over the far west of the city, Between Belfast and Lisburn, Maybe near the Stoneyford Dam, this light I thought was a strange jet take off from Belfast International Airport so I looked back at the boxing match I was replaying on the computer, when the bell rang to end a round, I had a ciggy at the window and still noticed this light and it was moving 3 miles here and there at an altitude of maybe 6000ft basically very low, the most shocking bit is what came directly from behind my house, a plane coming from Belfast city passing over my house with rapid flashing lights and the weirdest engine noises, It looked like a passenger jumbo jet, what absolutely freeks me out is the plane stops in mid air (STOPS) and hovers for at least 3 minutes near the white orb which blinks off and disappears, the (Hovering) plane did not turn round front ways it started going back over Belfast flying backwards I strongly believe, It was the lights! and the noise which sounded like a concert radio speaker making a plane noise and weird weird whistle. Right now im at bloggerheads as to what that plane was, I was more shocked at the plane than the vast distances the orb was moving. My phone was down stairs, and even if I had my phone it would not have recorded anything of use as its a Samsung SGH-J700 a replacement phone to my broken Iphone. I would love to get air control radar advice, or how to get a proper investigation to do with radar, That plane had to be top secret, I believe it did not come from the Belfast city airport behind me what so ever and strongly believe it flew from somewhere in the UK and its military, This had me awake to 6am and I cant stop thinking.

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