09 October 2014

BBC News Broadcast Amazing UFOs On National TV 8.10.14

We always try getting you the best in UFO news and sometimes its not by camera but by television. Here we have an amazing video which was reported on BBC this morning, Two extremely intelligent flying orbs (UFOs) fly effortlessly in the extremely windy UK shoreline, they are not earthquake lights, ball lighting or anything conventional in terms of aviation craft. Did these UFOs or occupants know exactly when the BBC was there? They fly in a way to show us! hey here we are on national TV look at what we can do that you cannot. The objects look extremely friendly and rightfully so as these UFOs have never been involved in any accidents. Known as "Foo Fighters" these objects date back to WW2 when they were observing who would be the winner of the war and the bigger military so they can be protected by that leading country and its allies. Always remember these objects (UFOs) are real, they are secret, they are peaceful and they are trying to make contact properly, this is an example.

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