17 October 2014

German Documentary To Disclose Roswell Craft As Its Free Energy Creation

In what could be the most explosive news so far that the United States Of America are holding free energy from the whole planet, a new documentary made in Germany is claiming the Roswell UFO was in fact the widely known about Nazi Bell. In the year 1947 a craft claimed to be an extraterrestrial craft with bodies of that claimed to be ET was found in Roswell New Mexico and recovered by the U.S
army who also claimed the craft to be a flying saucer which was later changed to be a weather balloon is now in the limelight of world media as the German documentary has strong "very strong" evidence it was the famous Nazi bell, a machine that runs on its own energy and releases it access energy in charged particles around its outer shell. For years we have been informed that the U.S has been hiding free energy devices of which could be replaced in nuclear factories removing the nuclear reactors to create the energy needed to free the world of the most greedy and most disrespectful people running the planet and running government also these people can order the president of the United States to kiss their feet and do what they say as they wish but maybe not for much longer if the documentary has so much facts these peoples income will drop so vastly they will loose their power and be placed on front of world courts to answer their evil ways of crippling families and businesses who suffered the fate of being bankrupt knowing they owned half of the planets currency.
The Illuminati a group who many already know are the elite and most powerful force on the planet are probably nervous at the truth getting out could be on the verge of being named if this documentary has a very clean picture of the deceit they played on the whole nation of every nation worldwide, a group with names of ex-presidents and the H.R of the UK along with many more could be held accountable as criminals for destroying the whole worlds economy.
Times are changing right now! as we speak the U.S is in so much debt and businesses are closing every minute in the U.S that maybe just maybe the groups that are under the Illuminati tree are about to make a coo and take over to save mankind from the famous clan which fund and direct the U.S military for protection and war.
Soon we at UFODI will be one of the first to publish the documentary and hopefully we and you will get the full story. This device can be placed in flying saucers, cars, and just about everything that movies like "The Fifth Element" showed in the film come to true life reality.
This device is in flying saucers right now, saucers that we all know exist and have 100% proof of their creations made by the likes of NASA and other top agencies as top secret craft like in the video below.

So stay tuned and when the documentary is in the public domain we will be right up there with the best to get it 1st, the times are changing, Australian leader on BBC news this week being criticized over poisoning the atmosphere was a huge leap and hint that coal and gas will be a thing of the past.

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