08 October 2014

Governments worldwide are working together for extraterrestrial disclosure

The cover up is always what we think governments are doing to hide the alien UFO phenomena but when you look at the facts about extraterrestrial visitation on planet earth there is so much out there to suggest the governments are actually in a full blown disclosure.

Looking at what governments have implemented into law and books also the training courses held worldwide you will notice a dark agency has been giving advice to all respected governments to persuade the public that E.T is here and also we have to look after E.T if ever he has a technical mishap and crashes here on earth.

Starting with schools, from 2010 to 2014 schools worldwide have been acting out UFO and extraterrestrial crash investigations and first aid, this program involved "Paid Police Officers
" and " Paid Ambulance Crews" funded by who? the schemes are wide and the total price for all the activity has to be rather expensive.

 There was over 1000 schools worldwide
that took part in this program, it involved a crashed UFO with alien bodies, forensic actors and police and ambulance crews in some of the scenes.

Students and spectators watch as foresics experts advise people that there is high radiation coming from the craft so stay away from any crashed object that comes from the heavens, the forensic experts show how to retrieve the UFO and get the occupants out which are dummy "Gray Alien" extraterrestrials to give first aid to the beings.

In the UK the schools get a glimpse of a UFO implanted in the ground (Right Pic)
which has decent detail and the schools which are paid by the government were never billed for any of the exercises taken and also for the time the school had its pupils outside viewing leaving the more important class education behind.

The "Firefighters Guide For Disaster Control" a book which all firefighters in the U.S have to learn has a 14 page section which is to do with crashed UFOs and extraterrestrial first aid in the book, This book had to of been funded by the U.S government and cost a lot of money for all the issues printed.
There is no reason to have 14 pages in an important fire officer's manual relating to a subject the government state it has no evidence the phenomena exists or that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life so why was this section placed in the book and who gave the instructions for the publisher to do so! unless there is evidence and the training and schemes held are of real importance. The 14 page documentation printed in the book was!

The book states that the UFO threat is fact but also states that wether they are ET or not the issue must be implemented after what Orsen Welles played out on live radio and the disaster that unfolded led to this section been printed.
While there is 14 different chapters in the book most relate to ET more than
a man made object or earthly object as there is descriptions on how to give extraterrestrials first aid and also details on how to keep your distance from highly radio active contaminated areas where the UFO crashes.

The "Disclosure Project" a program where state government buildings like the "National Press Club" down the road from the White House hosted hearings relating to the disclosure of extraterrestrials and UFOs such as flying saucers which placed ex-military and air control watch tower staff showing their evidence about what they witnessed or saw during their time in employment relating to ET and unusual shaped crafts all of which pleaded with congress that what they are saying is true and their willing to testify before congress under oath that their evidence is 100% real. Hoster by Dr Steven Greer he states he has over 120 hours testimony for government officials and military employees, the project was held at a time when YouTube did not exist and the message of the program was limited worldwide because of the time which the conference was held.

This program had the clearance of the U.S government, a government which is men't to be against miss-information in media! a government which prosecutes those spreading information as fact based on that of fiction. The Disclosure Project and the people involved were never brought to a court or brought on front of congress with their evidence so what was the basis on the approval of this program and who really sanctioned it.

Recently in 2013 there was a second program with many of the same people involved with a tad more evidence was placed on YouTube and social media along with worldwide media, the project was called " Citizens Hearing On Disclosure" where ex military leaders and ex-military from the Disclosure Project sat on front of a panel which acted out as congress with the main listener was actually an ex congress member, like a court case with all the witnesses and leaders arguing to the panel their evidence of ET visitation, in one case mentioning the U.S as partners working with extraterrestrials in exchange for advanced technology. The program was a huge success online and in the world of ufology but it was an act to show the current congress that this disclosure can now happen and mass panic is a thing of the past, hoping congress will be persuaded to hold a real hearing and outcome.

The money involved in all this came from the tax payer most likely so what is the importance of the projects held above when NASA have systematically denied they have even evidence of microbial life on Mars? It does not make sense unless there was a huge cover up ranging decades and its hard to control and only in the past few years has these programs started under government orders.

Below is a recap of the old disclosure project and the new citizens hearings to show how deep the situation is and how the people can handle the truth.
I,ve placed two videos here but there is much more, the Citizens Hearing is based on Three
seperate hearings and listed as part 1 - 2 and 3.

You have to listen deep into what way these people are presenting and the stories they know and talk about, never has there been such evidence let known to the public about ET and unknown craft that defy our knowledge, untill now.

So I leave this hard thought decision for you the viewer to decide on if our governments are on the verge of a huge change in human knowledge and about to hold a real hearing to disclose once and for all if we are alone or not! Based on these
                                                                                    programs above it sure looks like Yes.

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