06 October 2014

Is this a 9 mile wide UFO inside Manilius Creator On Moon - NASA

Could this photo be that of a huge UFO possibly 9 miles in length?
This large cigar like object has a very odd shape when it comes to rocks on the moon, a moon that's been bombarded by meteor blasts should not have such fine large sculptures. The moon orbiter satellite took this shot, was it took because they knew it was possible a craft and needed photo evidence. At a possible 9 miles wide it would be the biggest craft ever witnessed if it ever was witnessed. One thing about this is! Do aliens not have a better way to land than on the belly of their prized galaxy travelling machine? I'm sure they could of hovered with nice steps rolling down to the ground. Would NASA let the public be free to view some more of these pics in this area and creator? What if they do and there is no such thing there "anymore" would they cover it up by stating this pic was fake or would they make people believe this was not the Manilius creator.

Credits: Paranormal Crucible

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