09 October 2014

New York to California Flight Passenger Takes Photo of UFO

A friend of mine was flying on a commercial airliner from New York to California when he saw another airplane that appeared to be leaving a con-trail or a chem-trail.
He knows that I am interested in chem-trails so he decided to take a few pictures of the plane to send to me.
After looking at the pictures I noticed that there was something else in the picture that did not seem like it should be there.
The image quality is pretty high, it was taken with an iPhone camera. When I zoomed in on the object it appeared to have structure.
I tried to rule out things like it being dirt on the outside window, but he took a total of 3 pictures out the same window and this object is only visible in two of them, which would lead me to believe it was not some sort of smudge or something like that.
I think he might have accidentally captured a craft of some kind, that might have actually been following the plane that was leaving the trails.

original source: www.mufon.com

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