27 October 2014

Object shooting out from a cloud (Video) - Mufon case 60119

A very strange video right here, the last minute has to be the best in the video. UFODI .

Witness states: I was driving to work and noticed this extremely bright light in the sky. It was weird how bright it was and how it stayed in the same place no matter where I turned. I filmed for almost 45 minutes. During the first 44 minutes nothing happened. During the last minute I found a lot of activity. I did not notice anything at the time because I was just holding my phone and not watching it. I found the action at home later that night when I looked through the video closely.
At first, all I noticed was the "shooting star" type thing that happens right after I go under the bridge, but on closer examination, I noticed 2 silver objects moving from the clouds before going under the bridge. One silver objects comes out of the top cloud and makes a strange directional change and moves diagonally from right to left very quickly. The other silver object comes up from a lower cloud and I can't really tell where it goes. I recently heard about your website and decided to let you look at the video and let me know what you think. "

source: www.mufon.com

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