27 October 2014

Romanian 16th Century Monastery Painting Shows A Flying Saucer UFO

A new finding of a possible 16th century monastery painting shows what appears to be a flying saucer with smoke tailing from the sky has been making headlines recently and if its authenticity is right we could be looking at a spaceship that is widely witnessed in the 21st century and it backs up the myth of the flying saucer as a craft of extraterrestrial nature as no such thing as technology in the 16th century. This pic will now be added to the hundreds of pictures and paintings some of which are in biblical books and paintings. 
Below is a few pictures of other famous paintings and pictures showing ancient objects in the sky some from the Bible and others from other religious texts and sculptures all relating to extraterrestrial visitation in past centuries as far back as over 2000 years.

As seen in this picture it is not a Sun, Moon or planet and there was no way humans could make conventional aircraft at the time Jesus was a baby so what could it be other than a UFO, this also gives thought to the light the three wise men followed which hovered over Bethlehem.
Last but not least this painting of a sky war between many objects some of which fell to the surface! this happened in Nuremberg Germany and it depicts long tubular shaped objects with what looks loke saucer UFOs on their sides also there is cross shaped and spherical objects in the scene too, what makes it look like a sky war is the surface objects releasing clouds of smoke.

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Anonymous said...

Are u sure Romanian? What is the place where the monastery is situated?