30 November 2014

22nd To The 26th Nov 2014 Actividad UFO

11.26.2014 4:04 Anomalies (UFO Flash) on Skies Capital of Argentina UFO activity this right now in Buenos Aires in a large spike, the sunsets and sunrises are far more propisio ciendo for the eventual observation anomalies and oddities of Celestial (Cosmic Rays) in this strange casoel Press Flash Light a path of travel manifests south / west part of the city at intervals of about 24/25 "Seconds, allowing adbertir their monitoring at infrared (undoubtedly they are traveling) was also reiterate today 11/14/27, but almost half an hour earlier at 03:35, this time with an interval between flashes / strobes 20/22 "seconds are clearly visible

at first glance, since at times the luminicas emanations (flashes) become of prime importance. Reports from Argentina Glaucoart workshop.

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