08 November 2014

Amazing Bright UFO Resembles The Intelligent UFOs Over Mexico In 2009

I think we've got ourselves here a UFO! Both Shane and I witnessed small objects being ejected from it and, through our tragic dialogue, it stretched several times. Sorry about the shaky hand but when it happens just get it any way you can.

Now we like to try making a resemblance to sightings like this one above! so below we have a clear video that was recorded over Mexico in 2009 that has a mothership UFO releasing hundreds of scanning satellites. This video is among the best online as it was recorded in two different locations! sunny side and the dark shadow side. These objects are in the 5% real UFO unexplained and rightfully so as their flight characteristics are not known to man! they are not, lanterns, satellites of human devices, skydivers, avaition craft of balloons, soon afterwards they were all over the sky making a form of contact.
UFOs from another planet dont have to have pilots of living entities to fly them so be skeptical in that way, but as high as they were you will never find out if there was piloting entities so for now they were 100% UFOs.

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