09 November 2014

Are UFOs Solid Time Machines From A Different Earth Time

When it comes to sussing out how a solid craft can travel throughout space passing quad-trillion solid bodies such as rock, dust, metal, crystal, diamonds and meteors or different qualities all of which don't leave a mark on their ships it becomes clear that they must use something other than conventional travel. A time machine or star gate like Inter-dimensional technology might sound far fetched to a technological civilisation that's less than 70 years of age but when your a race that started its technological era 17.000 years ago and your planet has had no meteor damage or fighting races its hard also to imagine how advanced they may be! under the laws of physics a planet at our stage would also say time travel is impossible but is it that we are so far less advanced that we just don't understand anything at all? But what if there is a race that does use time travel and it explains these bright orbs of light craft that appear all over the planet and been witnesses by hundreds of thousands of humans worldwide. Could it be that these unidentified flying objects, the ones we find hard to believe we have built could be built in another earth time line dimension and its advanced humanity that in the future is trying to change their past by manifesting into this reality with super advanced hypnotists who are guiding our leaders to rid certain dictators and fixing certain situations which have effected our future, further more ruling our planet basically. This planet right now in 2014 might have been shaped by certain paths that have been changed in our past, like presidents murdered, leaders in crashed planes, dodgy military operations that backfired and even now the meddling in sovereign nations all in a guided policy for the future to be brighter or not so bright. Time travel is a widely talked about topic in science today and has been since the UFO phenomenon started to kick off and maybe our future selves are the cause of these orbs of light tapping into our reality, if this is the case! could it be that our future selves couldn't travel further than our outer solar system also but are happy enough to be able to travel at anytime throughout Earths history.

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