07 November 2014

Are we less superior than extra-terrestrials really or taught the wrong way

If we were an extraterrestrial race who's home planet was over populated or destroyed and we used our ships to travel the universe in search for an new home and we ended up at our closest star, a star with planets our scopes can detail, scopes that can see our planet 1 million times that of our Hubble, plus we had interstellar satellites that scouted our solar system, maybe travelled to our solar system! would we say that's a no-go as there is no signs of life? Lets just say the international space station was not ours but extra-terrestrial  in this video below would we come to the conclusion there is no intelligence.
It's come to my conclusion that we are not in-superior but very superior and very intelligent.
Mainstream scientists seem to believe that we are no different than a bunch of ants! where they come to that conclusion is beyond science! Lets look at Proffesor Michio Kaku's conference and listen to
his speech at around 6.50 seconds! I believe he is totally wrong below the video I will state the reason why.

My reason would be! If we are so smart to get here and we knew the planet has been miss taught through education yet know our brains are as intelligent as the ones on this planet that just like a new born baby it has to learn from scratch and we have the teaching ability to do this by hypnosis or by expression in logic detail, Like a foreign person going to the UK with no knowledge what so ever about any word in our dictionary that after 1 year! They can speak English, use machines, work in call centres worldwide and teach English to English pupils plus work under orders in hospitals as a doctor, Is it that hard to believe that we can learn from a race that we don't understand? again may I ask! If we the alien race is so advanced in education we should learn English within a few weeks and start our communication from there.

Science is only a book of knowledge, The U.S, UK, China and other nations all are under order's to teach our students the knowledge we are only allowed to be taught so Mr Michio Kaku is no smarter than the a grade students! why? has he ever created anything at all to say he is smarter than the A grade students who created the world as it is today? No, plus he knows the science books of today are books we are meant to learn for today, we have books for next year, next decade and next century but they are not allowed or we've jumped to the end of our knowledgeable era, so be weary about him stating stage 1-2 and 3 type civilisations and that 10year old kid added an extra! inter-dimensional galaxy to galaxy travel. 

Now when it comes to the dust, rock, boulders and comets-meteors in the way it would be impossible to travel like this hitting them and damaging your survival craft, again I think he is wrong, lets see!
If you look at all our stars with the pollution our planet creates, there is quite a lot visible yet we see them clearly, if there was all this crazy amount of mass floating about out there wouldn't they be invisible, if you go to a planetarium to see a galaxy wouldn't it be invisible too? well the answer is no, they are as clear as Jupiter.

Our big bang and everything that came with it is one huge spider web and while our stars formed the blew away all the little mass into the outer solar system but the suns gravity stopped them furthering by its gravitation, this theory suggests it works universally, our spiderweb outer-stellar gravitational forces would gravitationally pull everything onto the web that holds the universe together making the dark places the travelling places which is packed with anti-mater or dark mater.
This last video below shows these webs!

So this is what I've came to! that we are teachable, very teachable and trapped in a science book of knowledge for pupils of 2014, and one day a book will come out showing that we can travel dark space and if the day we create such a craft it will be equipped with laser-rock destroying technology or magnetic diversion technology as gravity is the strongest force in space and magnetism is second, gravity ship will lock its position and magnetism will divert and metallic particles or rock away when entering the mass zone. Did you notice there was no mention of inter-dimensional travel as we don't believe it exists (YET) but keep an open mind and explore what we have not been taught.

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