12 November 2014

Chris de Burgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling

Born is the green green isle of Ireland, Chris de Burgh expresses his thoughts on Jesus and the star the three wise men followed. 2014 years ago there was no lanterns or drones, there was no aviation craft, there to this day is no comet or meteor that can stop without hitting something. What did the three wise men follow? It will always be a question asked throughout time, my mother prays to Jesus every day and she asked me! son, you know all about these things in the sky! do you think the Bethlehem star was a UFO? I stated, mum, this was 2000 odd years ago, what else could stop to observe the birth of a man who would become the most famous name in human history unless that star was intelligent enough to know humanity will better itself with this new birth, My mother then asked! if Mary met an angel could the angel be an alien that impregnated Mary? That question was one where I could not answer but I did say God made the universe and anything made in that universe that creates its own life is still a creation of God.

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