13 November 2014

Comet 67P has alien signal sounds and expert tries debunking it

When asked about the historic landing of a satellite on a comet that is making what appears to be a signal of extraterrestrial nature the expert for the Rosetta space program quickly diverts the question! what is that sound and starts talking about the sun and Gama rays. Lets be frank here as we are a UFO based website! There is hundreds of comets out there and in history even recent history some fly by close to earth and NASA did not once mention anything of note about any sound coming from the comets surveyed, yet its really suspicious that the European Space Agency has sent a satellite to a comet that make not just a sound, but an intelligent sound, a sound that all space agencies must of known about! NASA is totally skint, moneyless and totally not doing anything of note, yet Europe who have money problems start EESA and send a probe to this comet, what's cool about EESA is they showed the world the signal to be heard, if this was a NASA project we would never (NEVER) of heard that sound.

The strangest thing about this comet is that it has been mentioned a few weeks back that there might be a UFO on its side! a video was shown to the public on YouTube showing this odd formality, now we have a signal! this dot to dot thing can only go further as he states in this video that there is a short term battery pack and if the angles are not right the solar panels won't make energy so if all goes wrong a conspiracy will follow suit.

So what is this white dot on its surface? It looks abnormal in many ways, the surface is of fine dust but this bright white circular object is right there in the dust field, now we have a signal that sounds intelligent! Its no Gama ray reflection our intelligence is beyond that excuse so what happens now that all this seems to connect together like a puzzle that's easily completed.

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