02 November 2014

Spectacular UFO Sighting! Large Spying UFO over Paris, Nov 2014

11/01/14 - I caught aa spectacular large craft over the Business center "La Défense", near Paris. The object was slowly moving between some buildings. It was right in the middle of my field of view, when I started recording with my iPhone.
The object looked metallic, due to huge sun reflection on its side.
It quickly flew away at the third sequence, and disappeared behind the buildings, just before the sun was set.
It was clearly saucer-shaped, no doubt on this, you can't deny it. The question is: who? Was it some sort of military prototype, controlled by humans... or something from outer space?

A few people next to me also witnessed the object... but we were almost the only ones watching it. That is another proof that people live with recurrent habits: work, sleep, eat, run, work again, drive... and never look up a second. This is not a critic, it's just a fact and that's why most people never see anything abnormal in their life, and also why they usually don't believe you when you try to tell them. So try to be interested a bit, if you like this subject, go and do some research, analyse, discover, but most of all: be open-minded!
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