09 November 2014

Top 5 Worst UFO Channels On YouTube

On line giant Google who own YouTube which is the worlds leading media sharing giant has a word that is one of the most typed worldwide and that is UFO otherwise known as (unidentified flying object) an interesting scientific subject and and general public subject. YouTube partnership channel owners who knew the UFO subject is a widely viewed subject dived into the UFO database on YouTube when it first came out in 2009 and since then CGI artists thought they could have part of the subject and created they're very own C.G.I (computer generated imagery) UFO channels, while some channels publish their videos with a description stating their work is C.G.I made, some channels thought to fool the public by hiding the fact that their work is computer generated. Below is a list of five UFO channels that are the most common C.G.I - Hoax channels that hide the fact they are fooling the general public on YouTube fooling them into believing they're videos are real.

This list is complete with an analysis of what they do and each has a verdict, the verdict is they're place on the list, this helps people know what they're real intentions are. All have a debunking video which clearly shows the objects are not real!

No:1 - LooknowTv

LooknowTV ranked at number-1 for the sole reason is that they never give a detailed analysis of their sightings, this is because they want to leave the viewers guessing what the witness saw and recorded, they don't state that the video is actually C.G.I, what they do however do is state that the video is 100% owned by themselves, not bought from a witness, not purchased on line, they state they are fully copyrighted owners! they're channel is marked with R as registered trademark.

Every video they post is either a flying saucer, cigar shaped UFO or triangular shaped UFO.
Fully generated C.G.I on every video in their huge archive, its hard to wonder! how can a witness record such an object and send it to a company for it to be C.G.I tempered ruining every credibility of the video being faked, usually the witness would forward the video to their state media or post it on YouTube themselves, as LooknowTV don't search YouTube for these videos as they don't exist, or I at UFODI would of found the video from the original poster, with LooknowTV stating do detailed description and placing no link to the original witness in every video also not crediting the witness we have selected LooknowTV as the most faked of all the channels.
Below is the most faked on LooknowTV, Resembles Section51 and Aurora51 footage.

Verdict - Destructive to ufology and crippling the real videos on line credibility by real witnesses and they're channel. This is like a channel that some would expect to be government helped to discredit the phenomenon making people divert from searching UFO videos on YouTube and persuade them to believe the phenomena is not real.

No:2 - xxxDonutszxxx

This channel is like LooknowTV fully packed with all C.G.I rendering video's, its main objective is not advertising but praying on other UFO channels with inexperienced owners who copy they're work and post it on they're own sites, xxxDonutzxxx wait until there is over  20 channels with their work 1 or 2 of the channels have a huge fan base, they sanction copyright strikes in hope the channels which are allowed three strikes to have at least two already hoping the channels get closed down. They seem to be helped by Government and Google to be bumped up to page one so their viewing is widely recognised triggering a surge in other channels copying their work in order to strike the channels in due course.
This is xxxDonutzxxx worst C.G.I experiment claiming to be real.

Like LooknowTV they are registered (R) and don't give detailed descriptions of the sighting, links to the supposed original post or credit the witness, witnesses always want to provide a description even if its 100 letters small, de-bunking websites use the footage as they thrive of C.G.I artists work to further spread the knowledge that the phenomena is not real, when a website posts fake footage its most likely a crippling website that's paid to cripple ufology especially if the website is registered in Google News.            
Verdict - Destructive to ufology, made to cripple the real sightings credibility by other channels owned by a witness or by a channel that is based on UFO videos under agreed sharing.

No:3 Thirdphaseofmoon

Its one of the top channels but its one of the most damaging to ufology, Thirdphaseofmoon use C.G.I technology in 40% of their videos while 30% are elaborate hoaxes with toy saucers and other sculpted shaped toys or objects, when they post the videos they don't credit the witness or give a proper analysis on the sighting, they more less advertise themselves in the descriptions. Thirdphaseofmoon also have phone conversations with made up names like (Doctor J) and so on, pretending they are getting a professional analysis by phone to a respected doctor which is most likely in the same building as they are if not in the room next door, but the is 30% of their videos which are actual recordings by witnesses who posted their videos to the channel with descriptions and sometimes skype calls but the credibility of the videos are zero due to the huge amount of hoaxes and C.G.I videos.

Verdict - this is Google helped under under Government programs with Google to persuade the general public that the phenomena is not real and that its mainly hoaxed, boosted to the top of page one before they get their first view so the public have no choice but to check and see if its interesting. They have access to military complexes and facilities while conducting their video intros.
To ruin credibility on the subject and also file copyright sanctions against those who re-post their videos closing many respected channels down while crippling other growing channels.

No:4 & 5 Aurora51 & Saction51

These channels are owned by the same company, posting full C.G.I videos mainly to do with war footage in Iraq, Afghanistan and other waring nations but involving UFOs instead of country vs country, they are government helped, allowed military footage and allowed to C.G.I temper with the military footage to make out bad UFO contact involving war, the footage which is military in nature had be be given the green light on making UFOs look hostile while also showing our military blowing the crafts up and winning the so-called war.
                                      Section51 Video Debunked - Below - Afghanistan UFO
Aurora51 most faked UFO video below!

Verdict - Damaging to ufology by making the viewing public believe its all a hoax and UFOs are not real while making ET look hostile. Crippling UFO channels and ruining credibility of the real videos by other witnesses and also other UFO channels that only have true recordings shared by agreement with witnesses who wish for their videos to be shown to the wider public.

So there you have it! debunking the debunkers and hoaxers, there is many more out there! but remember there is 90% videos on YouTube that come from the actual witnesses and are real recordings, they sometimes don't think extraterrestrial and post the video as weird objects or strange objects in the sky so don't always look for UFOs by typing UFO as this will lead you mainly to these channels

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