09 November 2014

UFO scouts multiple aircraft desplay November 2014

Isn't this the most unusual of stopage that object was travelling at the speed of the jets! then it stops like gravity is no issue, as the witness keeps recording the jets moving it the (UFO) is stable- static.

Witness states: Forte dei Marmi - An unidentified flying object was filmed on June 14 in Forte dei Marmi during the performance of the Frecce Tricolori. The movie Fabrizio Scorza was announced by the GAU Scandicci.
Uploaded 9th November 2o14

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elainepul said...

yep it is the same type that you had on the other one from the old days and that one is the exact one that crashed on the moon. And I would bet anything that crashed on mars. I know you feel alien but I feel Nazi. are at least was Nazi not sure what they are called now, Which means they think they rule the world and that's why Our governments feel like puppets we rebel then it is the governments that people go for. Ours governments are victims. Don't worry about it. Playing field has changed. UFODI can I ask you something,what did your group intend to do if you had been ruled by evil aliens or a people that felt like you were animals for them to experiment on or even genocide did your people even have a plan? Your not going to be able to take pee shooters you call guns and rifles to that. And if your governments and military were helpless what were you and the people your trying to wake up going to do? Hey I got this check me out.