04 November 2014

Vancouver Flying Saucer UFO Still Unsolved (Fact)

Today is the 4th November 2014 and the amazing flying saucer that appeared over a Vancouver Canada baseball game is still on the back of my mind, September 3rd 2013, a saucer shaped craft appears from behind a tree how far behind we dont know, the further the bigger, after hitting worldwide news debunkers working with all government news broadcasts were quick to say that it was a drone, funny enough it has never been seen since and nobody (NOBODY) has came forward with such a drone or created one since.

A flying saucer of this shape would make a bomb in revenue if used in multiple locations but there has never been a sighting since, I'm starting to think this was in fact a 100% real flying saucer alien or not, the cover-up suggests it was a national security related craft, further more it could of been a military craft, debunkers were downloading the video then uploading the video with descriptions it was a meter long to persuade the public that maybe it was a drone but these up-loaders are paid to do this in many video recordings. My opinion is, It is vurtually impossible to say it was close to the field, the trees are way in the background and this passed behind them, this means it was big at liest the size of a car and if further it was bigger. Check it up! have you ever seen such a craft or drone since this video on the worlds biggest media sharing website YouTube? I very well doubt it.

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