08 November 2014

Was it real or is the deception military conducted in relation to UFOs

It started at the beginning of artistic times thousands of years ago, many engravings and drawings scientifically proving to be dated around the times depicted, now the year is 2014 and this video which has factual and fictional videos suggesting that since 1942 the visitation has started all over again, from the battle of LA in 1942 where the U.S military couldn't shoot down a low altitude unidentified flying object (UFO) with every piece of artillery they had in stock and under duress when the object cruised on by out of sight the best excuse the military had was a huge helium balloon, something that should of exploded into flames with anti aircraft shells blowing smouldering shrapnel all around the object while firing surface to air Gatling style guns also, the so called balloon was war proof and nothing could penetrate its magical forces.
In July 1947 over Roswell New Mexico they say on day one that they caught a metallic flying saucer! That means the parts were solid and there was electronics and other pieces of debris that most of the recovery personnel stated was not from this earth, some stated there was beings not from this world recovered also, after stating flying saucer which if you were there you "WOULD KNOW" it was nothing other than a flying saucer the military released a new statement saying it was a tinfoil weather balloon for spying on intercepting calls and decoding messages from Russia and other nations, If that balloon had landed in a different country the U.S would of swarmed the place and threatened the country if it went near the balloon with no recorded data what so ever just a signal divert box, something of no security importance. It took weeks to pic up not a box, not an electronic device just weeks picking up tin foil as we are running out of tin foil and its more precious than gold and diamonds in U.S military standards which does not help anybody believe a word they said.
There is clips in this video which is highly controversial and most will say who gave permission to show metal objects with a thumb and five fingers on it also the footage of an alien on the ground with military personnel surrounding it! The rest is clips from then to now. Hope you enjoy the viewing. 

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Anonymous said...

Your relation ufo is both real and deceptive,it is an unidentified flying object. You know your government does not like you to know when they are scared you also know that your military has the mentality if you don't go along and learn it someone else will so deals are struck. You were and have been ruled for a long time by other organizations that hide behind the governments. They believe in rewriting history according to what they want it to say, propaganda lies deception making it appears as if they have the powers of heaven,experiments on nations and people and things you can not even imagine are just now coming to the surface,Just like a psychopath they have been escalating.