09 November 2014

We are very intelligent because we are very noticable to ET

I just saw this picture on line and thought it was so impressive I had to write about it. Can you believe how good this looks? Its amazing, as I'm into ufology I had to ask myself! wouldn't this planet be a great interstellar holiday viewing? cameras on a ship from a different solar system looking at us communication, walking and driving while viewing the Continent in amazing detail! If the visitors from another world were on an expedition for education I'm sure they will file Earth as a contact planet in some stage of time.
We are as special to ET as they are to us, if they fly the cosmos without waring ET' sthen all up there must be about peace and no conflict. 

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Anonymous said...

Guess that's why they would keep your evil down here and not let it up so they could have peace and multiply fruit. man always talks about you can't have good without evil or how would you know good. But I say all have a chance to develop and Good must be separated from it's lower natural in order to blossom into the heavens as it was meant to when it was created. I think Good is higher nature and Evil lower nature or mentality between deep thinkers and shallow thinkers. And have you seen this Picture on Nasa http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/images/?ImageID=6538 Looks like real bone alright. P.S. I have put this by anonymous because i don't know which one to use to post. Not the most computer educated. I know what I know and spelling and computers are not in my know.