24 December 2014

Does Human Intelligence Attract Extra Terrestrial Attention

In a reality where you don't know and cant predict the future but you can relate to where the future is relating and directing itself you begin to wonder how long the media will be forced to not publish phenomenon relating to anti gravity craft or ET craft, there are many sites on Google news that are reporting UFOs but they are scattered in different stories for each country which is unusual as Google  seem to have a multi server that shares the same world wide internet cable ( supposedly ) and it filters the users best interests ( supposedly )   but right now thousands upon thousands of people are realizing  that in what we as humans are learning and inventing are a diverse and complex technology like touch screen devices and GPS and so on right through to nuclear power and if in reality you compare the two together the touch screen and the GPS are by far thousands of years separate from each other  in understanding ways. Scientists around the world are starting to take a divert understanding into microbial particles and relating them to the big universe and how we under certain wave lengths bind mass together and how this mass binding might provide life everywhere and at the same time document or record the data ads particle for particle the universe records each and every movement.

In this year 2014 well near 2015 that its posible that what we have created in the past is sub atomic particles that hold information at every mili-second is recorded and could aliens have tapped into that part of the past and gradually made a fast leap towards the present showing themselves today as bright objects or structured objects and our reality is tempered with by the creation of drones so we less observe and more tap into earthly reality.

This documentary is about particles and how science is advancing even though its an old video its interesting knowledge and opens your mind and advances your understanding, it might not mention aliens so keep in mind this video is for scientific understanding.

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