17 December 2014

NASA Debunk UFO Video Then Drop Themselves In A Bombshell

A recent UFO video online by popular YouTube channel Streetcap1 showing a red UFO with a beam coming from it is the latest video to be debunked by NASA as it caught the attention of many people online so much so NASA had no other choice but to respond. On the 5th of December 2014 at exactly 9.20 AM British time the sighting took place outside the I.S.S ( International Space Station ).

NASA claim the accident was merely a laser fired by the European Space Observatory  using an advanced telescope, the main directive was to make a holographic star! Now first there was Blue Beam conspiracy which has much evidence to suggest it was in fact real and still in its early stages to perfection and now there is this red wave length super laser faking a red star, what if that red star can expand and expand to look like a coming planet is approaching or asteroid or lets go beyond that and say Aliens! why on earth would you create a fake star in our ionosphere by creating a hologram all while mysteriously the I.S.S is in the vicinity of the test but mistakenly the public's live I.S.S camera is still recording.

Four lasers from the ground station travel through the sky toward the space station. Under clear, dark background conditions, it's very easy for the payload to acquire the ground beacon. Daylight conditions have proven more challenging, but we are working on increasing capabilities during the day as well, through software enhancements claimed Matthew Abrahamson, mission manager for Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Below is the video published by Streetcap1 showing the strange going on's in secret at wave lengths invisible to the naked eye at daytime and night.

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