24 December 2014

UFO December 23, 2014 at 5:30 auriac on vendinelle (near Toulouse)

Hello, I present today a strange video filmed at 5:30 am this Monday, 12.23.2014 at about 25 km from Toulouse (direction revel) above the town of Auriac vendinelle. While I was not sleeping, I'm doing my dog out on the terrace and a bright light in the sky caught my attention. More violent than car headlights at night I could not look away this strange ball of light. I could see the other stars because the conditions were clear, but the light shone much more than the other stars and was much closer to me. I could estimate the distance. I pulled out my camera to film this and thus hope to learn more. I also specifies that there was no obstacle, tree or other between me and this ball of light, so I can not explain these particular shades that you can see on the video. The noise you hear at the beginning is the zoom on my camera as this phenomenon was silent. Not very reassured I went to go see a half hour after that was said light. She was gone ..... he has anyone seen the same thing? Do you know what it could be?

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