05 December 2014

UFO Sighting In Quairading WA 3/12/14

With the audia missing half way through this video it may suggest its hoaxed, but at the same time he could have hit a volume button on mute. Below is a statement from the witness.

So, yeah. The guy who wrote a novel about aliens and UFOs without actually being a believer in them saw a UFO. This particularly weird incident began at around 11:30 at night. Upon examining the video, we found some very strange lights flashing above the town. Now, I'm not saying it's an alien craft. It could be anything, so if you have any ideas and can back them up with some verifiable evidence, please do so. I used to laugh at stuff like this to be honest. The incident began with two spherical round lights which hovered over from the horizon and pretty much settled above our street when I commenced filming. If anyone has any idea (Morse code abilities) about what the flashing lights could be conveying, please say so- cynics will be rewarded on their humour, if unfunny will receive my boot in they ass. Watch the entire video please. I slowed down, sped up and screwed with the contrast in an attempt to get a better understanding. It's not a great video, but that lies in the fact it really happened and isn't a CG job. Don't be a prick and whine about the quality, and please feel free to show me a helicopter that does what this thing did. Any explanations welcome. I'm not emotionally invested to the point of freaking out if someone can show me a logical explanation, nor am I carving mountains in my mashed potato. Yet. Ronnie! Ronnie? You're not going to believe this.

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