21 January 2015

Again UFO Lights and Orbs are Back in Western Massachusetts (Elaborate Hoax)

A new series of videos from Massachusetts that seem to proove last weeks video has some backup has appeared yet again on YouTube channel (Strangeness Video) and this time its labelled, They're Back! but we analysed the videos now three and all have one thing in common! they seem to be pulsating and glowing in the same contrast even though the three different recordings should be from three different camera,s unless the three witnesses have the exact same camera which is treble coincidence it seems very unlikely that these sightings actually happened at all seeing not 1 person from the state mentioned anything on social media about the super bright objects ever being over Massachusetts state. All lighting even the street lights are blue including the objects, all the clues lie with this channel now as we are nearly 99.99% sure its one big elaborate hoax, with no details of the witnesses who would of placed the videos on their own channels than send it to an new YouTube channel with under 1k subscribers and with no special details on any story the channel must be miss-informing the public about the true nature and purpose of the videos appearing online. Below is the latest videos stitched into one video which is even more suspicious and below that is video number 1 which is a re-upload as the original video channel that first published the video last week had its channel closed under copyright sanctions. Beware that suspicious activity like this could be to lure channels into copyright closure. Strangeness video on our list has went from No:96 to 190 due to this fake information and CGI footage.

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