14 January 2015

Amazing Video Showing Huge UFO Releasing Small UFOs Over Massachusetts

A video surfaced online today showing what appears to be the catch of a lifetime in terms of ufology.
This huge spherical shaped glowing UFO drops three intensely bright orbs that scout the city of Massachusetts in the United States. UFO's are seen on a daily basis worldwide and at times the materialize right on front of your eyes, in this case right on front of you holding a camera.

Witness statement: Watching a UFO From My Roof (UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation) Weird UFO dropping glowing orbs in the distance. The UFOs went into formation before disappearing. Me and my neighbors watched this from my roof in western massachusetts

Update 19/01/2014: The original video we posted has been took down for copyright after the alleged owner struck our friend Die Hoaxer with copyright infringement and after a counter strike by our friend who won his claim the video and the account who first published the video is offline, now we have replaced the video with one that another of our friends have uploaded on (Strangeness Video) which is a more honest and secure channel. Im worried about where this video really originally came from and hope our friends dont fall in the same fate.

Our analysis is that the video is fake, the whole city did not see such things, the audio I've heard before and does not belong to the video also the blurry and dullness of the video suggests its a hoax.

All be it you can view and comment on the video using the link inbedded in the video itself.

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