03 January 2015

Escape Pod Shoots Out Of UFO Explosion Over Brazil

Interesting footage due to the date of recording. This had blue, red, orange, yellow glowing or burning debris and it silently passes overhead with no ripping sound suggesting its not even in our atmosphere as it may look but as far out as the ISS maybe and it had to be big.

Eyewitness states:
After the flash in the sky, a roar, a scare and many doubts lurking Santa Rita do Pardo, 266 km from Campo Grande. In the sky of the city of seven thousand inhabitants, fireballs were seen in this madrugada. Then three consecutive bangs and an object, like a big truck tank, fell in the yard Santa Maria. "It was 3 am when seven fireballs came from heaven," says Marcelo Gulart, 44, supermarket owner in the city.

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