20 January 2015

Flying Saucer UFO Over Martian Valley - NASA Use Sister Site - Miss-Info

Take a look at this NASA pic and its one of many on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA site which shows a UFO in the skies over Mars, When NASA say we dont hide anything and what's usually here is actually there in a disinformation type scenario you would mainly think NASA's own website would be the place to find these unusual pics but no! they are on their sister site to do with engines and fuel why would they be appearing on the Jet Propulsion website for other that to miss-inform the wider NASA audience who always visit the actual NASA site. Packed with Mars rover and Curiosity pics the website has once again added another unusual Curiosity Rover pic showing what quite clearly is a flying saucer type craft, whats the meaning of these pics with unidentified altitude objects and why the JPL for their archives. If thats not a UFO what else can it be? Swamp gas, Drone, RC Toy, Plane, Helicopter no of course not! Its yet another UFO in terms of ufologists like us alike.

Uploaded by out pal Streetcap1 who searches these sites to find you the public interesting clips and pics and yet again he hits the Lotto. Remember to subscribe to has channel by clicking Here.

NASA JPL website link Here.

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