31 January 2015

Giant Saucer UFO Captured By Girl In Idaho 10/09/2014

A gigantic flying saucer has been recorded by a girl in the Idaho state of the United States on the date 10/09/14 and reported that morning at 10/09/14. Recorded in the south side of town over the Twin Falls County Stock Yards area where all buildings are below two stories high and the photo shows the flying saucer was not that high up above the houses in the frame. Hanna states she went out and noticed the object and quickly took a picture of the huge saucer, while looking to check the quality of the impressive picture she took she then noticed it had already disappeared, the picture, taken by a Samsung Galaxy Tab handheld tablet speaks for itself as I also have a Galaxy tab and the quality of the pic matched the quality of night pics I've took also with a 3mp rear and 1mp front camera at times they appear pixel distorted and when light objects are out of the preme they appear more present and sharper relating to her saying at times they appear a lot better, Im sure you have a Galaxy tab, go out and try it yourself. The UFO investigators interviewing Hanna and her dad did a little research and found that she was not the only witness at the exact same time and date some 140 miles at 8.40pm some 40 minutes after Hanna's sighting and this witness has a lot of credibility having some 20 plus years in the US Air Force and he knows what he's talking about when he says he saw an actual unidentified flying object and what regular air traffic there is in his area and routs. Interviewers asked Hanna if she knew if the object was low with a reply of "yes" and also asked if the object was bigger than any conventional aircraft she replied " yes it was bigger than a plane or a helicopter" her father states the local airport has planes no bigger than small jets, 100 seater aircraft.

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