25 January 2015

Is This A NASA Astronaut Caught Fixing Rover On Mars! Days After Martian UFO Photo

Is it coincidence that the Mars curiosity rover caught a flying saucer over the Martian landscape days before this new photo of a possible human astronaut who was photographed by the rover in its shadow on the martian soil? Was the saucer UFO looking craft actually a backtracked anti gravity craft transporting a mechanic to fix something that malfunctioned on the Mars Curiosity Rover! the evidence is gathering up vastly.
Possible human astronaut or alien visitor behind Mars Rover on the Martian surface or just equipment that looks that way.

Below is a video showing the amazingly unexplainable UFO photo from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory website, the JPL website which is ment to be for engine technology has inadvertently been used by NASA as the website to hold the most amazing and unexplainable photo archive thats shown some of the most bazar photos with UFOs and structures of advanced knowledge, NASA hide the truth, but post it where its most unlikely to be, whats here is actually there in miss-direction disinfo but recently people have found out where NASA has been placing humanities most important information which is the NASA JPL website.

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Liquidbraino said...

If this is a "person" moving around and "cleaning" then explain why this "persons" head didn't move even one centimeter in this photo taken by the exact same camera; exactly 28 seconds later.