05 January 2015

Real UFO Atmosphere Break-up Ejecting Escape Pod California

In what has to be the best video of a UFO posted onto YouTube in 2015, A man who witnessed and recorded a UFO disintegrating in our outer atmosphere recorded a certain part which strongly suggests the object was in fact a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and the possibilities of it being extra-terrestrial in nature is very strong also. Recording the amazing moment on tape sowing a bright orb (UFO) leaving the 3000+mph disintegrating object at a speed faster than the object it came from suggests no man or woman could ever come with the magnitude of the G pulling on their bodies, this object appears to be ET in many ways or at least the object leaving the falling craft is the main target of focus. Recently this past week there has been many debris looking exploding objects recorded in the skies worldwide and one has to wonder! are our satellites being wiped out or pulled into the earths gravitational pull by something or someone, This week has been a treble coincidence and whats even stranger is that the last times this activity was caught on tape where a UFO is involved with a falling sky object, at the time it was recorded! there was other sky falling objects around them dates also.

This footage is the best to begin 2015 with. Uploaded by one of YouTubes top UFO channels Mister Enigma, Remember to subscribe to his channel by clicking his name here: Mister Enigma

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