20 January 2015

Super Bright UFO Over Howick Auckland - Media Say PR Stunt - Unlikely

A UFO That Appeared in the skies over Auckland had media go in a frenzy to persuade the public it was a PR stunt, something the media are most asked To do with UFO sightings, they could not describe what could make Such an intense light.

Witness states: I was closing the window tonight and Noticed a really bright light in the sky. It was as bright as a streetlight or the full moon and it was in a part of the sky That I know is empty Normally (east Auckland, around Howick area).

Far too high and far away for a streetlight. After a short while it Moved to the left at about the same speed would a helicopter and then a stopped and hovered for a while. At this point I'd gotten the camera out of the house and then a recording started.

The light was as bright as the full moon. Lots of glare and Very difficult to see any kind of shape due to the brightness so there's no chance it was any kind of running light from normal aircraft. This was bright enough to leave ghosts in your eye like a really bright moon would.
It was the wrong color and way too big, bright and fast to be any kind of chinese lantern or remote controlled helicopter.

No idea what this is. Never seen anything like it in my life. It was unusual enough to be some kind of art thing but it was really big and bright and really fast.

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