06 January 2015

TR-3B ?? or Ufo over Tysoe, Warwickshire 21.37pm 29/12/14

A new video has surfaced online showing a UFO in the skies over Warwickshire UK and its making the rounds today online. Possibly a TR-3B secret levitating triangle craft the footage shows characteristics of a TR-3B lights which appear on each time of the triangle craft which is to this day a secret military craft. Nothing is a secret at night as at day if this was a black triangle the media would have to hide its story, being night however the media dived on the footage as the explination at night is different to that at daytime. Is this the TR-3B or is it a UFO or three well positioned Foo Fighters.

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Dave Nelson said...

There is more than meets the eye in this video, if you look above the object and just slightly to the right you will notice a small speck of light flickering while moving around, but what caught my attention most is at 3.49 a cylindrical object appears to the left lasting only several seconds then disappears. Several seconds later at 3.56 the main object also disappears then immediately the small speck of light above flickers downwards towards where the object was and then flickers back upwards at great speed while disappearing into the darkness.