14 January 2015

UFO Sighting During ISS Crew Evacuation!!! Coincedance

Last year we published a video showing an unidentified pink object passing from beneath the International Space Station (ISS) and now today there is this video below suggesting that by coincedance the ISS crew had an amonia leakage and had to evacuate their ISS quarters because of the poisonous substance.

At the 10 second mark the UFO appears on the live feed, this sparked debate already as to what on earth this object is, with under 100 views the video has a load of replied comments, about the same amount of comments at that of a video with over a thousand views, CBS news showed the unidentified pink UFO but who gave the right to pic footage with the UFO in the video? Below is our enhanced video and clearer with all the original colours so you can analyse and decide yourself if in fact this is a UFO. Remember the ISS is 431km high in the sky, thats 220 statue miles high, and this object by our clearer video suggests its within a mile or two below the ISS.

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