18 January 2015

UFODI scientific study proves every star has planets

After decades of studies scientists and space organizations alike NASA and ESA have kept a little secret from school education and media about the true nature of every star in the whole entire universe as we know off and after having to scientifically understand the true nature of the cover-up I have come to the conclusion of one quite clear understanding! Every star has a planet, Im sure you would ask how I've come to this conclusion right! To make you understand this we have to look at our mother satellite Kepler which its main purpose is to find planets around distant stars! It finds planets by the wobble of a star, a star wobbles left to right when its planets swerve around it 180 degrees and so on, but what NASA and the ESA have not told you is that a star cannot be a star without planets pulling on its gravitational forces, If you remove the planets the star will die fast in the coldness of space due to no friction between itself and its parenting planets to create the nuclear reaction which keeps the alive and active.
So is it just my wild brain over reacting or is it that we have been totally miss-informed as this assumption to me is as clear as day! we have water, comets have ice, Mars has Ice north and south poles and this in our solar system alone suggests the whole universe has ice and ice melts at a certain closeness to heat, especially on a planet like ours at the right distance from its sun. NASA say Kepler looks for wobbling stars to identify planets in its solar system but never did we here that for a star to be visible it needs to have planets circling it to create the nuclear reactions to keep it alive so why is this understanding not taught to us for scientific understanding is beyond my imagination.

Below is a video stating Kepler has found 715 new planets around certain stars, instead of saying we know there is at least 1 planet to every star meaning they have found quad trillions of planets! Why? is there a meaning to this hiding of knowledge and if so what is the main purpose of this censorship.

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