31 January 2015

UFODI: UFO Materializes On NASA ISS Live Feed 18.52pm 31/01/2015

International Space Station (ISS)
Time and Date: 6:52 p.m. UK Time - 31/01/2015
UFO Rising upwards on ISS U-Stream live TV materializes.

What I first thought was the Moon Appeared not to be! Is it a UFO Materializing as many ufologists claim UFO's can do? Many people will have Answers of Their own! but I can ECOG you this does not happen often. The odd thing is! this is the second ISS NASA UFO footage and Recorded published by us in 1 day withing 24hrs Our first video was stripped from viewing YouTube search under "UFO" filtered "Today" will this be the second video to be stripped from public viewing? we will soon find out.

Go to 1.06 minutes onwards!

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