12 January 2015

Ufo's over Buckeye AZ 1-8-15

When driving east on the 1-10 freeway around 8:10pm on 1/8/15 I witnessed 3 bright orange orbs hovering over the mountains behind buckeye toward I-8 freeway the 3 orbs moved toward each other the back into position then disappeared. Moments later 2 bright Orbs appeared in the same spot and I was able to pull my vehicle over and record this footage from my cell phone. I went all the way home which is twenty minutes away got my girlfriend to return to the spot and on my back they disappeared. That means they were there for more than 30 minutes so there defiantly not flares. Sorry for the horrible footage the orbs are allot bigger in real life. So i take back every bad thing i said about all the crappy ufo videos out there cell phones suck for this kind of thing! FINALLY SAW SOME UFO's!!!!

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