16 January 2015

U.S trying to persuade the public that the Foo Fighter UFOs were spy planes

In an astonishingly daft claim by U.S authorities (AGAIN) claiming that the WW2 UFO sightings of 5ft wide balls of light were in fact 60+ft spy planes has just sparked a debate in ufology about just how stupid the top people are at thinking they can fool the public when clearly the claim they state is so out of this world that a 6 year old kid could tell the difference yet to my astonishment some people actually believe such claims. The U.S need to recruit real thinkers and not some crack smoking loony bins with the most uneducated minds as they are nearly as stupid as the people who orchestrate war by claiming other countries have this and that like WMD and poisonous gasses to start war for nothing.

If I was one of these -10 IQ UFO debunkers hired by the U.S state this is what I,d have to say about the video below!

Here we have 9 spy planes passing over the White House, they are 5ft wide, sorry 80ft wide balls of light and what a sight this is, They flew at around 100mph and went to Edwards Airforce base for their maintenance.

Below is Two Foo Fighters, or should I correct this and say its U.S spy planes underneath military aircraft right before bombing Germany, They are absolutely huge, how do I know, look at the pics, dont say they are balls of light as they are spy planes, trust me my Pentagon adviser ordered me to say this and I take his word for it as we know we are always right. 

And finally our best pic of our spy (Plane) below, the Boeing F-9 flying fortress, its huge cant you see you stupid creature, understand me and believe me its a plane, ask my authorities they will tell you! after they wipe that white stuff from their noses as it makes them smarter, Take a look.
So now, back to UFODI, do you for one second believe anything that comes from these guys mouths after the crap that's happened over the decades? I sure as hell wont even entertain the thought of listning to any of these crackpots would you. 

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