31 January 2015

YouTube Take Down UFODI Videos Posted Today - ISS & Limasol

Again YouTube employee's have took down our two UFO videos posted this past 12 hours and again it add's to the question! Is YouTube covering up the latest UFO videos ordered by UFO online US spooks? Searching UFO filtering the video to "today" the videos were online Limasol was on for 7 hours and when we posted the ISS NASA live stream video, an hour or so later both videos were mysteriously took down. Only when you search UFODI filtered to "Today" will you find the videos making it impossible for viewers who type UFO to find our latest video.

YouTube has censored over 60% of our posts and we are not the only ones who are censored as many close sister channels to UFODI also state they find this behaviour from YouTube highly suspicious and damaging to ufology. Spooks are a team run by Google, not a large team as there is only around 100 UFO videos posted every day, they look at the credible latest videos and decide if they should remove certain up to date videos that are authentic recordings so media cannot get hold of the videos only to let old re-published or explainable footage continue online and also fake or hoaxed videos which media avoid or publish knowing they create ridicule.

Google and Microsoft have signed with Governments under UFO censorship laws which prevent secret or real unexplained sightings and stories which are most up to date, these laws under which atheists and UFO channels are the main targets has been in place since May of 2014.

The videos are live but hidden! one thing the spooks cannot do is strip the videos from any websites that published the videos already as this breaks online laws against freedom of information and freedom of sharing act. NASA is one Government who acted this Law along with U.S UK and Australian governments incase of wide spread appeals for answers to sightings more unexplainable than others.

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Mohrphaeus said...

Thank you Paul. They will have a big surprise some day. And our friends out there knows everything and are way beyond government control.