21 February 2015

18th Feb 2015 - I asked and they came

Interesting video with photo stills, witness states: Just before 6pm I leaned out my back top window of the spare room surveying the sky. I was on my own as my wife was downstairs and I said to the sky, I am able and willing this evening, have you got something to show me and as I said that, just below Sirius a bright light came from know where and travelled in a southerly to westerly direction. To my eyes it was a bright light, but when I looked at the images blown up I could see it was my serpent friends. They start from one point of a blob and become a colourful long serpent. Bright, colourful and vibrant. I took a video which I will show later as I have not done the processes to enable it to be published yet. But I did spend a little time doing the pics. Enjoy, but sorry for the poor images. no one as yet has offered to assist me.......

Just to add - The 18th to my wife and I is an important number. Both our birthdays are on the 18th (and there are other strange anomalies with birthdays in the family), we were married on the 18th and all happening happen on the 18th in our lives.

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