16 February 2015

Cluster Of UFOs Or Large Starship in Santa Clara, CA - Feb 15 2015 (Silicon Valley)

This took place at about 11PM. I was heading southbound on Lawrence Expwy and started filming at about the top of the bridge above El Camino Real. There was absolutely no sound when I saw this flying object. As I approached closer to it I became very surprised. That's when I started speaking. This flying object had basically stopped in the air and was hovering very close to a house. It was basically hovering in a residential like area. The area was right around Benton and Lawrence Expwy on the side towards the new Apple headquarters.

I stopped filming because this big wall protecting the residential area from the Expressway blocked me. Also, I had merged all the way to the right and did not want to stay there.

I quickly took a U-Turn to capture more footage and find out what it really was. It had completely vanished. I even drove all the way back to the top of the bridge over El Camino Real. Nothing.
Drove up to the top of the Kaiser Permanente hospital parking lot building. Still no sight of it anymore. It was just gone.

Still wondering what the hell it was.

If anyone saw this or something weird in the sky Feb 15 2015 like I did please leave a comment below. I don't know who to contact about this to get more information.
Thank you.

PS: As I was driving I didn't get a chance to get a full 100% view of it. From what I remember it was somewhat triangle in shape. Also metal like. It almost seemed like a big part of it what somewhat translucent. Maybe it was the lighting from the street lamps reflecting off it? Like I said, it seemed very low to the ground. Maybe about 100 yards from the top of the houses.

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