28 February 2015

Mars Has Grass And Trees And A Huge Tower Along South Polar Ice Caps

Video totally hidden from public viewing by YouTube-Google in every search, you cannot find it under, Mars, Mars has grass, Mars life, Mars greenery or any other tags that were placed with the video. Makes me think! Is Google partly helping hide the possibility of life elsewhere.

Planet Mars footage from Google Earths - Mars Platform - this extremely odd footage of greenery on the planet in the areas where water would most likely exist amongst its scattered ice caps has to viewed by yourself its that damn good. I was just scrolling on Google Mars southern poles and saw a few snippet sharper imagery parts but when zooming into them I was shocked to see that NASA had inadvertantly left a few parts out "or" left a few parts in with its right colouring, I have always been a sceptic of NASA at hiding the truth about life elsewhere and this just adds to my belief, In the footage I have the main screen on Iceland's greenary as its a cold place and matches the likeness of Mars's south polar caps, it "Iceland" has its grassy areas along with its treelife areas buy look how green the areas on Mars are, Its like viewing the green isle of Ireland itself, rich in greenary relating to rich abundance of minerals and possibly rich in microbial life forms. Follow our UFO - ET - Disclosure website at www.ufodi.net and you will be updated every day on the possibility of life elsewhere or life visiting us on earth from elsewhere.

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