25 February 2015

Military Say Crackpots Started UFO Problem - We Prove It Was Military

The military said crackpots created the UFO phenomena but in reality it was the U.S military and its personell that created the phenomena plus the senate and its coherts, the government allow a bucket load of ex-service men to be allowed to use the National Press Club in Washington as a place to protest their evidence and swear under oath that what they say is true, accurate and fully detailed. This was the Disclosure Project, and recently another meeting called The Citizens Hearing which was an up front in the senates face disclosure test with tramendous evidence of extraterrestrial visitation here on earth, from UFOs closing down nuclear missile silo's to military confrontation with extra terrestrials. In the 50's the head of the US military stated that crackpots created the UFO phenomena and that it had in no way created any of the craft that appeared on old video footage, photos and paper statements by witnesses! this interesting video footage and audio from news related channels all combined to bring you this interesting UFO compilation. It took a while to place sound effects, audio over each and every video clip I hope you enjoy the footage. Reminder: certain clips in the video is replicated clips that are added to match with the story line. Thanks for viewing. Please Share..

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