28 February 2015

NASA ISS: UFOs Above Earth - July 2012 [HD]

The International Space Station is the closest satellite to Earth and any objects in between Earth and the ISS are only space trash from rocket parts but look at this amazing footage, the video was live by NASA on July 2012 and it shows multiple close to earth objects shooting at spped, moving over storms and appearing from nowhere! NASA has stopped the public from viewing this certain special camera from this date and prefer to use it for their own eyes only and its to no surprise as the camera can see invisible objects that are cloaked and also uncloaked, even the uncloaked UFOs are still invisible to the naked eye and invisible to 80% of the cameras connected to the international space station. Slowly a blobbing UFO approaches an active heavy lightning storm and it moves within Earths Ionosphere maybe as a supercell charger, gaining energy or studying the climate its a guess but who knows what they are doing in this video, another appears from nowhere and mimics the first one but look at the activity also above earths storm! there is loads of these UFOs and some are shooting at blinding speed, I can assure you these are not space debris! check online and view the many sightings that occured on July 2012! are they connected? its a great video and great evidence to say the least.

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